I had been purchasing a package of instant mashed potatoes for $1.29 each. Sometimes they would go on sale 10 for $10 and I would stock up on them. Cooking for one person made this more economical, until one day the store raised its price on this item to $1.55 -- a 20% increase. THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS!! What can I do?
Judy W., Chicago

How can you save money on groceries?

There are hundreds of ways to cut your grocery costs. Some of these are outlined at 101WaysToSaveMoney.com . Here, we will give you more ways to save on groceries and point you to resources that will make it much easier than you think.

First, when starting a savings plan, don't try to utilize every tip at once. It takes time to develop a "saving mentality." Take baby steps by using the easiest and most rewarding ideas first. Our many ways to save on groceries is a list that begins with the most important and easiest to implement ideas.

Second, create a food budget. You won't know how much you're saving unless you know how much you've been spending. Go back through your checkbook (online or offline) for three months. Determine how much you have averaged spending per month on groceries. Then determine how much you want to save. If you have averaged $400/month and you want to save $100, your grocery budget would be $300/month.

Third, SAVE THE MONEY. Saving is NOT spending, so open a savings account and put the $100 that you SAVED into it. Do not spend it.

It is possible to cut your grocery bill by hundreds of dollars a month.  

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